August 31, 2021

Whether you’re preparing for an interview, negotiating a pay rise, or going to a client meeting, you’ll want to look and do your best. An impressive resume, going the extra mile with work, and a sharp outfit are essential in boosting your prospects, but did you know that cosmetic dentistry could help improve your career success? 

Studies have shown that an attractive, healthy-looking smile makes for a good first impression towards employers and customers. Positive attributes such as happiness, intelligence, good health and confidence are often associated with people who have a whiter and straighter set of teeth. 

But if you have stained, chipped, crooked or misaligned teeth that you feel are holding you back from landing that promotion or dream job, then you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry to help increase your chances of career success. 

Here are 5 cosmetic dental treatments to transform your smile: 


  • Teeth whitening

Make those pearly whites shine with professional teeth whitening. The procedure is designed to treat discoloured teeth so that they appear naturally lighter and brighter. This will do wonders for your self-esteem, giving you a beautiful smile that you’ll be proud to show off.  


  • White fillings 

If you have tooth decay or broken a tooth as a result of an injury, white fillings are a great way to restore teeth. They not only fill in any cavities, but the composite itself can also be harmonised to match the natural colour of your existing teeth. 


  • Porcelain veneers 

To correct any stains, cracks or small gaps, porcelain veneers are a quick and easy treatment for fixing a variety of dental issues. Your new smile can be achieved in as little as two months and usually last from 9 to 15 years, providing you take good care of them.


  • Invisalign 

These clear aligners are the perfect solution for those who want to discreetly straighten their teeth, without the hassle of any brackets or wires. No one will even notice that you’re undergoing treatment, allowing you to maintain a professional image at all times. 


  • Composite bonding 

Finally, for any minor imperfections like misshapen or chipped teeth, composite bonding is one of the more affordable procedures that uses a small amount of resin to improve the shape of your teeth, whilst covering and filling any damaged areas. 


Smile for success

So, why not invest your smile and choose cosmetic dentistry to improve your career success with the experts over at Ten Dental. Book for your FREE consultation now to discover the best treatment option that works for you. 

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