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Teeth Whitening London

Although people can buy tooth whitening home application kits in stores, supervised tooth whitening by a dental care professional can ensure complete safety during treatment and a brighter looking smile. Tooth whitening procedures are designed to treat stained and discoloured teeth so the teeth appear lighter and naturally attractive.


More information about Professional Teeth Whitening

What causes tooth discolouration?

Teeth can become discoloured over time, which is normal, but certain lifestyle habits and diet habits can cause teeth to become stained. For example, smoking can stain teeth yellow, as can drinking a lot of coffee, tea and red wine. New whitening materials, technology, and procedures are available in dental practices to treat tooth discolouration safely for longer lasting results.

What is Power Whitening?

Power whitening is a new dental tooth whitening procedure available at Ten the Pavement Dental Health, which is for people who want to have lighter teeth, a brighter smile, and greater confidence. At our practice, we apply a whitening gel to teeth and use a gel-activating light, for speedy results within an hour to an hour and a half. Some people experience faster treatment times, depending on the extent of their tooth discolouration. You may easily have this treatment during a lunch hour.

What is supervised home whitening?

Your dentist custom-creates your tooth whitening treatment for you to take home and apply, along with guidance for safe application. The gel is pre-inserted into the trays you use to fit over your teeth. With dental monitoring for safe usage, the treatment is applied at home overnight, with results appearing within about a month. The difference is that lights are not used in home whitening, which may mean that results take longer to appear.

What are the risks and benefits of tooth whitening?

Patients are at higher risk of increased tooth sensitivity due to over-application of tooth whitening gel at home if not supervised properly by a dentist. Supervised home whitening is designed to lower such a risk. Both supervised and power home whitening can increase tooth sensitivity initially until the completion of treatment.

The benefits are lighter, brighter looking teeth and a more attractive, confident smile. The lasting effect of tooth whitening can depend on lifestyle and dietary habits. Over-the-counter whitening products, such as toothpastes and whitening strips, will not produce the same glowing results as supervised treatment. Speak with your dentist for advice.

Professional teeth whitening in Wandsworth, Clapham and Balham

For some of the best teeth whitening, Ten Dental is guaranteed to deliver quality results. Our experts will advise you on the most suitable treatments for you, to help you achieve a smile you feel confident with. With three practices in the London area, we have clients from all over looking for quality teeth whitening in Clapham, and Balham. To find out more about our professional teeth whitening services, get in touch with our team via the contact page on our website.

Where can I get this treatment?

Ten Dental offers professional teeth whitening in Clapham, and Balham for a safe and effective treatment that produces great results and a natural-looking smile.

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