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June 17, 2016

What type of braces are available for my child?

Parents do you think your child might need braces?  Here at Ten Dental we have a wide range of brace types available for your child.

Here are the types of braces available at Ten Dental
1) Incognito lingual – the hidden fixed option
2) Invisalign – the clear removable option
3) Metal braces – the metal fixed option
4) Ceramic braces – transparent fixed option
5) Inman Aligner – clear removable option
6) Six Month Smiles – similar to clear braces but used for mild overcrowding conditions.

Please be aware not all brace systems will be suitable for your child, you will be advised by your dentist the best options available for your child’s particular situation. To arrange a consultation please call our Wandsworth Common Practice on 0208 672 7766, Balham on 0208 675 1798 or Clapham on 0207 622 7610.

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