January 18, 2022

It’s a fact that finding a new dentist in London is difficult work and can take a lot of time, especially one that offers the level of care and quality you’re looking for. 

Inevitably, people will bounce from one practice to another over the course of their life for a number of reasons. Some had a negative experience during treatment, endured inappropriate waiting times or simply moved to a new area. 

Whatever the case, everyone deserves a trustworthy, friendly, professional dentist who understands your unique requirements and makes you smile! 

Below are five factors that every patient should think about when searching for a new dentist in London:


1) How accessible is your potential choice?

 Just like with any service provider, you want them close enough where making appointments are easy, especially if they’re every six months for regular dental check-ups. The best dental practices will also usually have some availability for same-day appointments and provide an emergency out of hours service if immediate treatment is required. 


2) What type of specialist treatments do they offer?

One-size does not fit all when it comes to dentistry. You will find that most practices offer general dentistry, orthodontics and hygiene services. However, it’s good to be aware of the options available to accommodate your needs. Patients should consider other specialisms such as root canal, cosmetic tooth whitening and veneers, or oral care for children if you have a growing family. 


3) Do they have a set list of prices?

The cost of dental treatment can vary considerably. You want to choose a new dentist in London that’s affordable and displays, either online or in clinic, a clear price list with information regarding finance plans and fees to avoid any surprising hidden bills later on.  


4) How experienced are they?

There is no substitute for experience and qualifications. The field of dentistry is constantly changing, and dentists need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to perform procedures on patients successfully. 

So before committing, ask them how long they have been practicing and what things they specialise in. You can also ask to see some of their before and after photos, as well as the training they have received over the years.


5) What do the reviews say? 

Finally, be sure to check out the clinic’s testimonials, case studies and online reviews to find out what previous or existing patients say about their experience. If they received any awards or achievements, this is another good example of their credibility and reputation. 


Choose Ten Dental 

If you’re looking for a new dentist in London, head over to Ten Dental and book now for a free consultation! We’re proud to be a multi-award winning practice with a highly skilled team who are committed to providing the best care and treatment advice available. 

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