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Dental Hygienist London with Guided Biofilm Therapy

Here at Ten Dental In London (Clapham & Balham) our professional dental hygiene appointments ensure that our patient's stay healthy and clean. Our team of hygienists work with you to clean the areas that you cannot see or reach with standard toothbrushes and floss while educating you on the best way to clean your teeth to avoid build up or gum disease. We offer both direct access hygiene appointments where you can come in and see the hygienist without being a registered patient and also a more compressive service which also involves a check-up with the dentist.

Regular check-ups at the dentist are also important, as is eating non-erosive foods, following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding injury and smoking. Good oral hygiene will help to prevent plaque build-up and tartar, which can lead to tooth decay. This can in turn cause gum disease, caries and periodontal disease. Oral cancer and infection can also result from poor dental hygiene and may spread throughout the body, resulting in weak immunity, heart disease and other medical conditions. A trip to the dental hygienist regularly can ensure the health of your teeth and gums for the foreseeable future.

Dental hygiene is about taking care of your teeth and mouth by keeping them clean with daily teeth brushing and flossing.


Guided Biofilm Therapy – The Bright Future of Dental Hygiene

Scale and polish is a tried and trusted hygiene technique that delivers great results. However, most people probably endure this tartar-scraping treatment for the good of their smile.


So, what if there was another less-invasive way to care for your smile without compromising comfort?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a game-changing Swiss dental hygiene treatment that leaves your smile looking and feeling amazing—without discomfort.

While GBT might be easier on you, it doesn’t go easy on bacteria. This innovative treatment works hard to eliminate more problem bacteria from your teeth and gums. Even the most stubborn or hard-to-reach tartar are no match!

GBT uses new technology that changes how we maintain smiles while redefining how you view your hygiene appointments.

Once You Go GBT— You Won’t Go Back

Tartar is hardened plaque bacteria that calcifies on teeth. You can improve your brushing technique and general hygiene routine, but once tartar has developed on your teeth, you can’t remove it without dental treatment. 

Traditionally, dentists and hygienists would scrape tartar away. But even with a dental professional’s steady and careful hand, removing tartar this way isn’t ideal. It’s effective but can cause discomfort and anxiety. 

GBT is more thorough and doesn’t involve manual scraping. The latest technology from EMS Dental to gently remove biofilm and tartar. These tools use air, water, and powder to deep clean each tooth from root to tip.

Hygiene Redefined

We’ve invested in Guided Biofilm Therapy because we’ve seen the results —and how they’re delivered. Here’s what you can expect. 

Check and Rinse

We start by assessing your teeth and gums to identify any potential concerns. Next, we rinse your mouth with BACTERX® PRO mouthwash. 

Bye Bye Biofilm

Biofilm is a sticky substance that coats teeth. Plaque bacteria cling to teeth to cause maximum damage and eventually harden to become tartar. That’s unless we do something about it! We use a biofilm discloser to highlight the harmful film, so we’ll know when we’ve removed it all. 

A Breath of Fresh AIRFLOW® MAX

EMS’ AIRFLOW® MAX system uses air-powered technology to remove biofilm and tartar buildup from teeth and gums. Best of all, this painless process is a breeze!


Next, we use EMS’ PERIOFLOW® system to clean below the gum line. A gentle shot of air, water, and particles rids you of the bacteria that cling to tooth roots and cause advanced gum disease. 

A Final Touch of PIEZON® PS 

Finally, we use EMS’ PIEZON® PS to remove any last spots of tartar. This gentle ultrasonic tool works wonders on natural teeth, veneers, and implants. 

The GBT Benefits

We love Guided Biofilm Therapy, and we know you will too. Here’s how you can benefit from GBT. 

A Deeper Clean

Guided Biofilm Therapy doesn’t stop at removing all of the visible plaque and tartar. EMS’ PERIOFLOW® system cleans the parts of your teeth you will never see. And you’ll enjoy a more thorough clean across your entire smile. 

Completely Comfortable

With GBT, there’s no scraping and no discomfort. Using gentle jets of air, water, and powder, we can effortlessly strip away tartar. 

Perfect for Everyone

GBT’s pain-free process makes it the perfect treatment for everyone—even if you’re nervous. Thorough oral hygiene benefits everyone, and GBT is suitable if you’re pregnant, wear braces, or have implants or veneers. It’s even good for sensitive teeth. 

Improved Gum Health

Gum disease can creep up on you. As it progresses, pockets form around the roots of your teeth and the entire health of your smile is at risk. Worse still, gum disease increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and issues during pregnancy. GBT is tailored to combat gum disease. 

A Fresher Smile 

GBT’s deep cleaning removes plaque and tartar, leaving your smile looking and feeling fresh. By breaking down bacteria buildups, you can kiss goodbye to bad breath. This all amounts to greater confidence in smiling, speaking, and laughing.

GBT Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a tailored dental hygiene treatment that uses EMS Dental technologies to deliver comfortable and effective deep cleaning. The process uses jets of water, air, and powder to remove the biofilm that coats your teeth and calcified tartar. 

What Is Biofilm?

In dentistry, biofilm is the sticky plaque that coats teeth. Plaque is naturally occurring and will always return. However, when plaque isn’t kept at bay, it becomes tartar. Tartar cannot be removed through regular brushing. GBT gently removes even hard-to-reach or deeply embedded tartar.

Is GBT Painful?

Unlike some other dental hygiene treatments, we don’t scrape the tartar from your teeth. GBT is a painless process and is the perfect way to care for your teeth, even if you feel anxious about dental care. 

What Are the Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy?

GBT is a patient-friendly hygiene treatment that fights tooth decay and gum disease. It is more effective than many traditional deep cleaning treatments—and much more comfortable. 

How Often Should I See the Dental Hygienist? 

We’d recommend seeing a dental hygienist every three to six months. Although you may be visiting us for Guided Biofilm Therapy, you’ll also get a lot more from your appointment. 

During your visit, we can discuss your needs and create customised treatment plans for continued at-home care. 

Does GBT Work On Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers?

Like natural teeth, plaque and tartar will accumulate on crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, and dental implants. The good news is that GBT works on any replacement teeth, so they’ll continue to look great too. 

Can I Have GBT While I’m Pregnant?

Yes. In fact, we recommend you do. Gum disease can affect your baby’s health, so oral hygiene is more important than ever. We advise seeing us more often during pregnancy. 

Can I Have GBT With Braces?

Wearing braces can make cleaning your teeth challenging. Food debris, plaque, and tartar can all accumulate in the hard-to-clean areas around your brace. GBT is a highly effective way of reaching these areas in a safe, minimally invasive way. 

Will GBT Remove Stains?

GBT will remove yellow and brown tartar deposits from your teeth and improve their appearance. To tackle staining and discolouration, ask us about adding teeth whitening treatment alongside GBT. 

Guided Biofilm Therapy in London

GBT is revolutionary in its approach, giving you a healthier, fresher smile without stress or discomfort. Once you experience it, you’ll want to give old-school hygiene treatments the brush off. 

Call us today to book your GBT appointment.

Where can I get Dental Hygien treatment?

Ten Dental have a dental hygienist providing regular hygiene check-ups in Clapham and Balham.

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