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Dentures are prosthetic dental appliances constructed to replace missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges and dental implants, which are permanently attached to the bone, dentures are attached to a supporting structure. This makes them removable and easier to clean and maintain.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are acrylic prosthetic devices comprised of replacement artificial teeth, which are attached to a pink denture base and designed to fit the contours of the mouth. They are used to replace missing or extracted teeth caused by genetic developmental irregularities, injury, malnutrition, tooth decay and gum disease.

Are There Different Types Of Dentures?

Yes, there are partial and complete dentures, which are designed to either replace a few missing teeth within an arch or a full set of teeth on either arch. The upper arch is called the maxillary and the lower arch is the mandibular. Dentures may be fixed or removable depending on the denture base. If an acrylic base is used dentures are usually removable, but they can be fixed if attached to dental implants.

How Are Dentures Made And Cleaned?

The dentist takes an impression of your mouth which is then sent to a lab. The moulds are then used to create dentures to fit your oral specifications. Dentures should be cleaned like normal teeth to remove plaque, so that tartar build-up doesn’t cause infection in the mouth. When a patient receives their custom-made dentures, the dentist provides them with guidance on how best to care for their dentures for optimal wear.

Are There Risks To Having Dentures?

Wearing dentures can pose some challenges affecting oral function, aesthetics and comfort. The main concerns are denture stability, support and retention.

Sliding or poorly designed dentures may:

  • Cause friction and gum irritation.
  • Result in discomfort, gagging and increased salivation.
  • Affect eating and speaking.
  • With wear oral tissue may shrink and this will cause the dentures to slide. Denture instability can be treated with denture stabilisation treatments, which include improving denture design and fitting. This may involve increasing the flanges of the denture base, using dental implants like the Syncone system to prevent sliding, and oral surgery to increase the size of the edentulous ridge for better wear.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Dentures?

Many people benefit from wearing dentures and if fitted correctly they can be worn comfortably for a number of years. Dentures may improve chewing and eating activities, aid speech, enhance facial expression and raise confidence. Any denture stabilisation concerns should be discussed with a dentist for appropriate treatment.

Where Can I Get This Denture Treatment?

Ten Dental offer dentures across our London clinics in Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth.

How Much Do These Denture Treatments Cost?

Please find our Denture price guide below, if you cannot find a price for a Denture treatment you’re interested in please contact us here.



Private dentures use high-quality multi-layered acrylic teeth plus a hi-impact denture base for added strength.

Full Upper And Lower Dentures – From £955

Single Upper Or Lower Full Dentures – From £585

1 – 3 Teeth – From £320

4 – 8 Teeth – From 485



Premium dentures use superior teeth and an injection moulded hi impact acrylic system to give an improved strength and fit to these dentures. A much higher level of technical ability and time is needed to produce these dentures.

Full Upper And Lower Dentures – From £1,590

Single Upper Or Lower Full Denture – From £895

1 – 3 Teeth – From £480

4 – 8 Teeth – From £770



The elite dentures are of the absolute quality from start to finish, using the finest Swiss teeth to produce the most natural life like dentures. With hi impact injection moulded acrylic giving the benefits of increased strength and fit. A border moulding impression technique is also used to give the maximum comfort.

Full Upper And Lower Dentures – From £2,385

Single Upper Or Lower Full Denture – From 1,205

1 – 3 Teeth – From £675

4 – 8 Teeth – From £965

Flexible Dentures – From £250

Cobalt Chrome Dentures – From £535


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