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May 25, 2016

Thinking you might need braces? Top Ten Questions to ask your Orthodontist

1.What can I achieve with braces?

Align all your teeth or only teeth of your choice
Move teeth that stick out back into line
Move teeth that are stuck behind into line
Twist teeth into position
Pull teeth down into line
Correct your bite
Close the gaps
Widen your smile
Push teeth up

2.Which brace system is the quickest?

Answer: It depends on the tooth movements you choose or need
3. Which brace system is the cheapest?

Answer: Metal braces at the front of the mouth
4. Which brace system is the least painful?

Answer: There is always some degree of discomfort, but it can be managed by painkillers
5. Which brace system is the most popular?

Answer: Incognito® and Invisalign® then C-Fast Brace Systems
6. Which brace system is the least visible?

Answer: Incognito® lingual and Invisalign® braces customised for each patient
7. What aftercare will I require?

Answer: Your Dentist or Orthodontist  will provide you with advice on how to
look after your braces and general dental hygiene once they have been fitted.
8. What is included in the price?

Answer: You will normally be given a tailored treatment plan providing you with an idea as to what is included in the price of your treatment.

9. What will my teeth look like at the end of treatment?

Answer: You will be shown models or a digital image of the proposed final result with some of the systems that are used

10. How experienced is my Orthodontist or Dentist?

Answer: Always check they offer this service first and make sure they have professional expertise in Orthodontics.

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