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June 29, 2016

Ten Dental visit to local nursery school, Grove Hall Balham

It is a staggering thought, but in Primary Schools across the UK around eight or nine children in every class will have already developed tooth decay. That’s approaching a quarter of a million children in each primary school year and around 3.3 million young people aged 0-14 years.

To support the theme of National Smile Month, I visited along with my colleague Andrea our Treatment Coordinator, Grove Hall Nursery in Balham to help raise children’s awareness of the importance of looking after their teeth.


My visit to the nursery reminded me just how interesting it can be interacting and engaging young minds on the important subject of oral hygiene, healthy eating and their benefits. Working with children is not just on my part educational but also fun and entertaining.

Young children, what can I say? They are very inquisitive but tend to have a very short attention span. Therefore my oral hygiene education is usually short and sweet punctuated with fun activities such as dressing up as dentist/ hygienist, the guess game about types of healthy snacks where I would take the opportunity to inject a bit of playfulness introducing my funny/ silly pictures  for a laugh ie: Mr Apple with legs or Mrs Banana cheerleader which always seems to be a crowd pleaser as I am always told apples don’t have legs!  My singing voice is nowhere near perfect teaching the brushing song but the children joined in the off key “harmony” whilst simulating brush the puppet monkey teeth.


Oral health education visits to Nurseries and schools is and will always be a fundamental part of my career. I enjoy teaching and interacting with young children and find through observation and questions asked there is a lot that can be learnt by myself as well.



On my last nursery trip, an invitation was extended to partake in activity number 2 of the day, Kiddies Yoga. It was quite entertaining, besides how often does one get the opportunity to roll around on the floor doing kids yoga!

We are happy to work with local schools and groups within our community, by stimulating new oral health learning for both children and families provides them with the confidence they need to make good oral health a permanent part of their lives and encouragement to visit their dentist regularly.

Dental decay can and does occur in young children…. The good news is that it is totally preventable… If you would like more details or would like to arrange a visit to your nursery or school please email us on

Written by Raquel Beckford , Hygienist at Ten Dental

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