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Jenni Rawes

GDC: 290009, BChD University of Leeds 2020

General Dentist

Jenni Rawes is a general and cosmetic dentist whose primary aim is to assist patients in achieving healthier, more radiant smiles. She is deeply committed to enhancing smiles using minimally invasive techniques and ensures a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience, particularly for those apprehensive about dental visits.

Jenni graduated with distinction from the University of Leeds, earning her BChD/MChD degree. She has since refined her expertise through training in Invisalign and aesthetic dentistry, completing the cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry course at Advanced Dental Seminars.

Her primary focus is to bring out the best version of a patient’s smile. Jenni offers a diverse range of services, encompassing tooth whitening, Invisalign treatments, meticulously crafted fillings and crowns, veneers, and the intricate work of composite bonding.

She is an active member of several esteemed dental organisations and committees, such as the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, British Academy of Private Dentistry, and Dentinal Tubules.

With a passion for continuous education and advancement, Jenni ensures she remains abreast of the latest in dentistry, often dedicating weekends to courses and conferences.

Outside the realm of dentistry, Jenni is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. She is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, often participating in gym classes. Skiing holds a special place in her heart. Having relocated to London from Yorkshire a year ago, she relishes the opportunity to explore the city.

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