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Amalia Khodr


Amalia is a driven population health advocate and researcher, having earned a Master of Public Health, majoring in biostatistics and epidemiology, from the University of Melbourne. Currently developing academic and educationalist skills, as both an Oral Health Science lecturer at the University of Essex, and a postgraduate student of the Master of Science (Medical and Clinical Education).


Amalia is a passionate registered dental hygienist and therapist with 10 years of diverse clinical experience, including orthodontic, paediatric, private, community, military and specialist practice. 

Proud advocate for the developing profession of Dental Therapy, registrants, patients and their overall and oral health. London representative of the British Association of Dental Therapists.

Amalia enjoys environmentalist, snowboarding, photography and knitting. 


Bachelor of Oral Health, 2008, University of Melbourne 

Master of Public Health, 2016, University of Melbourne 

Currently undertaking MSc Medical and Clinical Education