June 16, 2020

Nik, Martin and all the team at Ten Dental would like to let you know that we are back!

We are back and everything is a little different. As we adjust to the new normal, please take a moment to look at the illustration below that shows what will be happening when you next come to the practice for your appointment.



The aim of this is to reduce non-essential contact and footfall.
We will not be taking cash payments unless absolutely necessary, and will encourage you to pay using contactless solutions. There is a contactless card limit of £45 and for payments that are above the £45 contactless limit:

  • We have the option of paying using Apple Pay
  • You may use Google Pay BUT a pin may be needed
  • We will also, for larger amounts, send an invoice the day before the
    appointment to allow you to pay using using Stripe.

Unfortunately, over the past few months the price of personal protective equipment (PPE) has increased dramatically and due to new regulations we will have to leave additional time between seeing patients to ensure that PPE can be changed and the surgery has been disinfected appropriately. As a result we will have to charge an additional appointment fee to patients for certain appointment types. The fee will be £15 or £30 per appointment depending on the PPE used and the time needed. Should regulations and costs change, we will amend this accordingly.

As part of our drive to reduce non-essential contact, we are:

  • offering video consultations for new patients (see home page)
  • video reviews for those of you part way through treatment and would like to
    check something with your dentist or specialist
  • Paperless medical history forms
  • Paperless treatment plans and estimates
  • Secure online payments using Stripe

We really are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.