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Patient letters

I have undergone the Invisalign treatment, to straighten my front teeth.
I was initially slightly daunted by the thought of this treatment. However, the treatment programme is very structured and it is amazing how quickly result can be seen.
I had a phobia about dentists for at least 20 years after having nightmare treatments. After having my first treatment without sedation, my nightmares were over. Martin had/has restored my confidence and faith and belief that it can be absolutely pain free extraction. I then had a root canal with Apos and am proud to say that I actually feel asleep throughout the treatment. I still can’t believe it. Danny, Hayley and all the team are the best.
Even if I immigrate to Tim-buk-too, I will never go anywhere else. And if you go, I will be right behind you.
Thank you all so much.


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