August 20, 2019

Life got that little bit easier when mobile technology went mainstream. Many of us now keep mini supercomputers in our pockets that make it much more convenient to do just about everything – from shopping and banking to ordering food and watching our favourite films and TV programmes on demand. We want it cheap and we want it now, but this approach doesn’t necessarily equate to a better quality of life, especially when it comes to general and oral healthcare.

Many at-home, DIY orthodontic products such as clear aligners have exploded onto the market in the last few years. These are sold direct to the general public, cutting out the orthodontist altogether and eliminating face-to-face clinical assessments in a dental practice. Although some people enjoy a good DIY project, performing your own orthodontic treatment without consulting an orthodontist can have more serious consequences than baking a cake or building your own bookshelves. That’s why we’ve outlined four reasons why technology cannot replace a human orthodontist.



Orthodontic treatment is a complex procedure that requires the expertise of someone who has spent years studying and training to carry it out. Orthodontists are experts in this area, having first trained for five years as a general dentist before undergoing an additional three years of studying to become a qualified specialist. Many more years of cumulative academic and practical learning ensure orthodontists have the specialist skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality orthodontic care – something an app or a retail shop assistant cannot replicate.



Technology continues to advance at a rate that facilitates an ever more convenient way of living, but this technology cannot truly emulate human emotion and empathy. If you are investing in a complex dental procedure, you want to feel confident that the person taking care of your teeth is someone you can trust. You might just be a number to the corporations offering cheap, quick orthodontic solutions but to an orthodontist, you are a real person. As such, you are more likely to benefit from a human relationship with an orthodontist as well as a professional one, thus creating a solid foundation of trust.


Unfavourable Results

There’s a reason why some orthodontic products and services are sold online and over-the-counter at a fraction of the cost of professional alternatives. You often pay the price for bargain hunting with general and oral healthcare, as many people have already discovered with quick, cheap solutions that do not ensure a healthy and attractive smile in the long-term. In fact, orthodontic procedures performed without professional supervision can lead to disappointing outcomes that could also cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. This might result in you having to pay additional costs for corrective treatment from a specialist orthodontist.


Professional Support

Orthodontic care is highly involved, requiring thorough pre-treatment assessments, as well as ongoing supervision to ensure that the procedure is safe and feasible with long-lasting results. Orthodontic services and products sold direct to consumers cannot replace the human experience of a specialist orthodontist supporting you throughout treatment and beyond. Face-to-face orthodontic procedures with a qualified professional ultimately generate the best outcome. Find out how our team of specialist orthodontists at Ten Dental+Facial could help you improve the health and appearance of your smile by calling the friendly team today.


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