July 26, 2021

You might not think your dental hygiene has changed much over the course of the seasons, but the weather and the length of the day can have an unseen effect.

Here are our top oral health tips for the summer months to get you through to the cooler days of autumn, with your smile still in great condition.


1. Keep up your routine

Don’t let your dental care routine slip due to the changing seasons. In summer, daylight hours last much longer, so it can be later in the day before you get home or head to bed.

This can leave you going longer after lunch before brushing your teeth so, if possible, add an early afternoon brush to your routine, or chew gum to promote the production of protective saliva in your mouth.


2. Stay hydrated

Taking on plenty of fluids on a hot day can also help your oral health by keeping your mouth well hydrated.

Again, you’ll produce more saliva when you’re well hydrated. Regular drinks also rinse away food debris and surface bacteria to help keep your breath fresher between brushing too. 


3. Avoid acidic food and drink

Carbonated beverages and fresh fruit juices both contain relatively high levels of acid, as can many of the lighter snack foods we often enjoy more in the summer months.

If you’re out enjoying the sunshine and decide to grab a snack, try to give a little thought to its potential impact on your teeth, especially if you’ll be unable to brush for some time.


4. Carry a straw

One of our other oral health tips for summer is to carry a straw. Plastic straws are an environmental no-no, but drinking through one can reduce the duration of contact between acidic drinks and your tooth enamel.

A solution is to find a reusable straw you like – whether it’s metal, bamboo or reusable plastic – just remember to rinse it after use, so it’s always clean and ready for your next drink.


5. Get a check-up

Schedule a summertime check-up and let your dentist provide their expert opinion on how well your teeth are coping with the season.

Even if your mouth feels healthy, it’s best to get an oral assessment by a professional before the end of the summer, so you don’t risk any sensitive teeth when the cold weather sets in.

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