December 6, 2021

Next year is a time for new beginnings, hopes and opportunities – but it’s also a time to look back over the past year and assess what you want to achieve in terms of personal growth and happiness. Some turn to exercise and dieting, whilst others seek out a new hobby or interest. 

But what about your oral health? 

It can be easy to neglect our teeth and gums as we go through life, without giving too much thought to how they’re holding up. However, if dental health isn’t on your list of goals in 2022, then now is the perfect opportunity! 

The team at Ten Dental would like to present some of their top new year resolutions for a healthier smile: 


Improve your oral habits 

This might be the most obvious point, but nonetheless a fundamental one. The foundation of a healthy smile is routinely cleaning your teeth and gums at least twice a day. Incorporating flossing into your oral health at least once a day will help to remove food accumulated between your teeth and prevent bad breath and diseases such as gingivitis. Plus, now that the New Year is upon us, it’s also a good time to replace that frayed toothbrush with a shiny, new one! 


Whiten your smile 

What better to kickstart the New Year than opting for one of our cosmetic dentistry treatments! There are several ways to improve the look of your smile, including teeth whitening. This can transform yellowed or stained gnashers from years of drinking coffee or smoking, into glowing pearly whites – all under an hour with long-lasting results. 


A healthier diet 

One of the other New Year resolutions for a healthier smile has to do with having a healthier diet. Of course, food and teeth go hand-in-hand when it comes to eating, but ensuring you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat not only improves your body’s ability to fight infection, but strengthens your teeth too. Be aware of how much sugary, acidic foods and beverages you consume, especially during the festive season as these can lead to tooth decay. 


Stop smoking

The decision to quit smoking and other uses of tobacco is a big step towards improving your overall health. This could be the year to say ‘no’ to a cigarette and subsequently you’ll be reducing the risk of cancer and gum disease. Always consult a medical or dental professional for expert insight and support to kick the habit. 


Book an appointment 

Finally, regular dental check ups and hygiene visits every 6 months is one New Year resolution to keep as it is the best way to detect and treat any oral problems before they worsen to something more serious. If you’re a nervous patient, we offer a range of reliable solutions that can help alleviate your worries and fears, so you can take advantage of the high quality treatment we provide. 


Ten Dental has three local clinics across South London in Wandsworth, Balham and Clapham High Street, so don’t delay and get in touch for a convenient and reliable dentist you can trust.