February 5, 2021

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and here at Ten Dental + Facial we celebrate love in all its forms – partners, family, friends and of course yourself. We also appreciate and care for every one of our patients, which is why we’re here to remind you that good oral health and hygiene amounts to an even more kissable smile.

For a truly loveable and healthy Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways you can maintain your teeth and gums whilst enjoying the celebrations!

Avoid bad breath

The first step towards a successful Valentine’s Day is ensuring your breath stays minty fresh throughout. Bacteria thrives in your mouth and without regular brushing or flossing, bad breath won’t be the only issue to contend with as this is normally an early sign of gum disease.

Chewing sugar-free gum or mints will help mask the odour and produce saliva to clean your mouth – especially after a romantic meal. Anti-microbial mouthwashes are also handy to eliminate any remaining food debris or foul smells. But if bad breath continues to linger, speak to one of our oral hygienists for professional advice and treatments.


Treat yourself to a new toothbrush

Did you know that the average toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria, including E. coli and Staph, according to a study by the University of Manchester in England.

Whether you own a manual or electric toothbrush, this should be replaced every 3 to 4 months for optimal brushing performance. Smaller heads can easily reach teeth located at the back, whereas softer bristled brushes minimise the amount of damage to your teeth’s protective enamel, if your prone to vigorous brushing.

So, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s to a new toothbrush and give your teeth some much needed love and attention.


Only one Valentine’s chocolate at a time

A heart-shaped box filled with sweets and chocolates is a classic gift for that special someone, but one too many treats can affect your dental health, no matter how delicious they are.

Chocolate that is 50% cocoa or more contains less additives and sugar, making it less harmful to your teeth and gums when compared to sticky toffees or caramels. Remember to always maintain a daily oral routine to avoid cavities developing from the sugary particles left behind.

Or, swap out the chocolatey confections for perfume, a razor kit, a cuddly toy or a bunch of flowers – they’ll appreciate it just as much.


Give the gift of a brighter, newer smile

Treat yourself or someone you love with a new smile this Valentine’s Day. There are many reasons why people choose  cosmetic dentistry, from improving the natural appearance of their teeth to boosting their self-esteem when laughing or talking to others.

No matter your enquiry, the dental professionals at Ten Dental + Facial are here to help you fall in love again with your smile by giving the perfect gift to our patients!

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