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Replace missing teeth securely

At Ten Dental we provide a full dental implant service including the long term care of your dental implant.

Dental implants are the modern solution for replacing missing teeth. Firmly fixed and integrated into healthy gum and bone, they give a completely natural look, feel and function, just like your own teeth, so you can speak, eat and smile with complete confidence.

Why choose implants?

Until recent years, the only option for missing teeth was dentures or a bridge. The problem with a bridge is that the neighbouring healthy teeth must be filed, and dentures can feel loose and cause pain. Implants, on the other hand don’t affect adjacent teeth and are firmly fixed and integrated into your body’s own tissues, just like the teeth they are replacing.

Why choose us?

Both of our implantologists are UK trained. We use only implants with a proven track record and excellent clinical results which are supported by recognized manufacturers to ensure we get the best results possible for you.

Dr Martin Wanendeya and Dr Nik Sisodia also undertake regular courses and training in the UK and abroad bringing you the latest knowledge and techniques in this ever – advancing field of modern dentistry. We also teach and mentor other dentists in implant placement and restoration. We are able to deal with all cases from single teeth to a full mouth we also carry out bone grafting if needed. If your dentist has said you cannot have implants we can often find a solution for you.

Is timing important?

Once a tooth is lost, the bone around it begins to disappear. So the earlier an implant is placed the more bone can be saved, which is crucial in achieving the best possible outcome.

Does the treatment hurt?

Placing an implant involves a small operation which in many cases be done under a local anaesthetic. After placement the discomfort is minor and in most cases over-the-counter painkillers are all you’ll need. If you are a nervous patient we can also arrange for sedation (otherwise known as twilight sleep) for your treatment.

Is it expensive?

Because individual cases vary, we can’t set a standard fee, but we can give you an idea of costs. We’ll always give you a firm written quotation once you’ve had a free consultation. The costs are generally comparable to crown and bridge restorations and should be weighed against the quality of life implants provide. When the long term costs of an implant and a bridge are compared an implant will often be a more cost effective long term option for most people.

Ten Dental offer Dental Implant treatments to replace missing teeth in Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth.

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