November 17, 2021

Christmas is getting closer and you want to look your best for the celebrations ahead. Whether you’re planning a huge New Year’s Eve party or having a quiet night in, make sure to dazzle everyone with a gorgeous smile that lasts. So, why not give the gift of a sparkling smile with professional teeth whitening! 


What is professional teeth whitening? 

Teeth whitening treatments allow for stained or discoloured enamel to be restored back to its former glory – giving off an even whiter shine that looks naturally attractive. 


How does it work? 

Thanks to advances in technology and research into dental health, professional teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile without any need for uncomfortable strips or complicated home-use kits. 

Professional teeth whitening is quick, simple and one of the most effective ways to give someone a smile makeover for Christmas. The procedure involves removing those unsightly stains from coffee, tea and wine that have built up over time on our pearly whites. At our practice, we apply a whitening gel to teeth and use a gel-activating light for speedy results – you could have a new smile within an hour! 


What benefits does it offer?

Loads! Not only will you be receiving a newly white smile that will make you look and feel younger, but it has the effect of improving people’s confidence in life and in their careers too! Positive healthy attributes such as happiness and intelligence are regularly associated with a bright smile and it also makes for a good first impression towards others – no wonder 4 in 10 under 35’s have had tooth whitening treatment in the last year! 


Treat yourself to professional teeth whitening this Christmas! 

Even though Christmas is certainly the most wonderful time of year, if your teeth are not as bright as you desire them to be for the festive season, now is the perfect time to book an appointment! Get in touch with our team via the contact page on our website and we’ll help to achieve the dream of a white, bright smile.