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Denture Stabilisation

Fix your loose denture in place

Dentures are removable replacement teeth, sometimes called ‘false teeth’, which are made from denture acrylic and designed to replace missing or extracted teeth. There are two types of dentures: partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth on the upper or lower arch, or complete dentures to replace either a full lower or upper arch of teeth. Dentures are used to help patients with chewing food, speech, aesthetics and confidence.

What is denture stabilisation?

Dentures can be unstable and slide, causing functional difficulties in daily activities and gum irritation. The three prosthetic principles with denture design and function are stability, support and retention. The stability covers the movement of the denture base on the horizontal plane, such as how much the dentures move. The pink part of the denture base should fit comfortably with gentle glide along the edentulous ridge of the palate.

When is denture stabilisation needed?

When any of the following symptoms are experienced, denture stabilisation may be necessary:

Sliding dentures causing oral discomfort and irritated gums.
Uncomfortable wear due to poorly fitted dentures.
Abnormal oral function, such as difficulty chewing and interrupted speech.
Gum and bone tissue shrinkage causing looser dentures over time.
How can dentures be stabilised?

Dentures can be stabilised through any of the following dental treatments:

Denture design adjustment and fitting.
Mini or full dental implants for removable or fixed dentures.
Syncone implants for stable denture attachment.
Oral surgery to increase the size of the edentulous ridge of the palate.
Why stabilise dentures?

Stabilising uncomfortable, slipping dentures improves oral function when speaking and eating, enhances appearance, increases confidence and provides greater comfort. Denture stabilisation prevents bone loss, which impacts not only your oral function but also your facial structure and expression.


Ten Dental offer denture stabilisation treatment options in Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth.


Denture Stabilisation

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