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January 5, 2017

Considering Implant Treatment? Here Are Our Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Dental implants help to improve the quality of life for many people with missing teeth.  If you’ve decided to have dental implants, you’ll want to ensure that your oral health is in safe hands, and the time and money you plan to invest are well spent.  So how do you go about choosing the right implant dentist for you?

  1. What formal training do you have in implant surgery?  Ask specifically the names of the courses, dates, durations, and where they were obtained.  The qualifications should be endorsed or supported by professional associations.
  2. How long have you been placing implants?  There is no substitute for experience.
  3. How many dental implants do you place each year?  An experienced implant dentist will normally place 100 or more a year.  Ideally they should be placing implants on a regular basis and it should form a large part of their workload.
  4. What is your success rate?  The success rate of dental implants is high, around 95% (Association of Dental Implantology).  This may be a lower figure for a less experienced dentist.  You may also want to enquire if the practice offers a warranty for the dental implants.
  5. How many bone grafting procedures have you performed?  In order for a dental implant to be successful, the patient must have sufficient bone in the jaw to place the implant into.  If you require a bone graft, as with implants, the key to success is to find an implant dentist with the relevant training and surgical experience.  At the exploratory consultation, ask to see patient outcomes involving bone grafting.  Find out more about bone grafting for dental implant treatment.
  6. Have you undertaken any dental implant education courses during the last two years?  Dental implant procedures are continually advancing; you may wish to look for a dentist who wants to keep abreast of training, technology and industry developments.  Make sure the dentist’s achievements are current.
  7. Do you refer complex or difficult cases to a surgical specialist?  Sometimes a specialist might be needed to carry out complex surgical treatments for difficult cases.
  8. Can I speak to other patients at the practice about their implant treatment? Personal experience will give you accurate and valuable insight into the dentist’s work.  For further details on patient feedback about implants, read stories about implant treatment from real patients.
  9. Can I see before and after photos?  Pictures of the dentist’s previous cases can help show their skill and competency.  Make sure it’s the dentist’s own work you are looking at.
  10. Will my initial consultation be free? Yes most dentist’s will offer a FREE exploratory consultation for prospective implant patients. This normally takes about 15 minutes.

If you’re interested in restoring your dream smile to its natural beauty and you want to understand the radical impact of dental implants please do contact the team at Ten Dental  to arrange your free consultation. Our amazing team can guide you through the next steps so you’ll be in caring hands from beginning to end.

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