October 2, 2020

Composite bonding vs. dental veneers: Which is best for me?


If you are looking to improve the health and appearance of your smile, there are now a wide range of options available for you to choose from. Among the cutting-edge treatments that we offer at Ten Dental+Facial are composite bonding and dental veneers – both of which can offer significant aesthetic benefits. To help you determine which solution would be the best option for you, we have provided some useful information below on what composite bonding and veneers can do for your smile.


Composite bonding

Composite bonding is an ideal option for those with minor aesthetic flaws, including small gaps between the teeth, chips or worn edges. It involves applying and moulding small layers of tooth-coloured resin material to the surface of a tooth, which is then set with a curing light before any final adjustments are made once the material has hardened. Composite bonding can be tailor-matched to blend beautifully with your existing teeth for a truly natural-looking result. It is a popular procedure for its ability to effectively repair damaged teeth, as well as reshape or change the colour of teeth.


The advantage of composite bonding is that it is a much quicker and more affordable alternative to other cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers. Composite bonding also enables you to retain most, if not all of your natural tooth’s structure, as treatment doesn’t require your dentist to remove lots of tooth tissue first. This is not only more comfortable for patients, but also ensures a long-lasting outcome with reduced risk of side effects, as composite bonding is minimally invasive.


Dental veneers

You may have severely discoloured, worn, chipped or crooked teeth. Perhaps your teeth are irregularly shaped or have gaps between them. If so, then you might benefit from no-prep dental veneers. These are ultra-thin shells made from porcelain – a durable, stain-resistant material with a translucent quality that is similar to a natural tooth. Veneers are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to enhance the colour, shape, size, length and alignment of the teeth. Veneers can deliver outstanding natural results, with strength comparable to natural teeth.


Depending on how well you look after them, veneers can last for up to 15 years or more. However, treatment with veneers can be more costly and invasive than composite bonding, as it requires your dentist to remove more of the tooth’s natural structure in order to place the veneers. As this process is irreversible, it is essential to do your research, and weigh up the pros and cons of veneers before deciding to invest in them. They may be your preference if you are seeking a more dramatic and flawless transformation of your smile.


Explore your options

Whether you are considering composite bonding or dental veneers, the option you choose will depend on your unique needs and desired treatment outcomes. At Ten Dental+Facial, we can carry out a professional assessment to determine your suitability for treatment. We will also work closely with you to ascertain which would be the best solution for you. Find out more by booking a consultation with us today.