March 9, 2021

Want to make your mum smile this Mother’s Day? At Ten Dental + Facial we know just how to celebrate this special occasion with the gift of a happy and healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

As a mother, having a healthy mouth is important and is proven to be a good indication of your overall health. Many women throughout their lifetime can experience oral health concerns because of their body’s reaction to change, either through menstruation, pregnancy or simply ageing.

Whether you’re a new mum or grandmother, you deserve a truly beautiful smile this Mother’s Day. So, give your teeth and gums some tender loving care with these helpful dental care tips.


Oral heath for expecting & new mums

For women who are pregnant or recently become new mothers, good oral hygiene may be the last thing on your mind. However, due to the hormonal changes throughout pregnancy, this becomes more important than ever before.

Having a daily oral hygiene routine helps to not only remove the plaque built up in your mouth, but can also help reduce the risk of developing gingivitis – a common issue likely to occur as a result of heightened sensitivity during pregnancy. This can eventually lead to heavier bleeding and further inflammation of the gums.

So, remember to brush, floss and book in for regular check-ups as you welcome your little one (or ones) into the world.


Oral health for senior women & grandmother’s

With adults living longer and more active lifestyles, it is vital to take care of your smile the more we age. For example, the menopausal phase causes estrogen levels to lower, which leads to more bone resorption than formation and eventually Osteoporosis.

This has the potential to damage our jawbone and facial appearance, leaving teeth unsupported as well as increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. That’s why including minerals like calcium and magnesium into your diet will help promote strong bones and teeth. In addition, avoiding alcoholic or caffinated beverages, smoking, sugary foods and using floride-based products will all contribute to a healthier mouth.

At Ten Dental + Facial, we aim to achieve the best results possible, providing a long-term solution for missing teeth with our All On 4 Dental Implants to improve smile functionality and aesthetics for a  natural-looking smile your mum can be proud to show.


Makeover your smile

Finally, why not go the extra mile this year and give your mum the gift of a bright, sparkling and perfectly straight smile with our diverse range of Cosmetic dentistry and Orthodontic services, including teeth whitening, composite bonding, Invisalign, Cfast braces and more!

We want you to look your very best, so be sure to take the time to attend to their dental health, as well as your own and spread the love this Mother’s Day. Book now for a free consultation at your nearest London dental clinic in Wandsworth, Balham or Clapham.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Ten Dental + Facial Team!